Chapter 14: The Start of Something New

A cool summer breeze gently blew the curtains aside as it cooled the humid room, sending a faint shiver through Abigail’s sleeping body as she slumbered peacefully, unaware of the new day.

The ascending sun’s small rays dappled the rolling valleys as the early birds of the village began to wake. In a small pastry shop nearby, dough was being rolled and shaped, frosting was inserted into tubes, and cupcakes were neatly placed in their colorful paper. Chocolate chips were melting, powdered sugar was flying, and an excitement was in the bakery air. It was the third time that month that they had been commissioned to prepare the food for a wedding!

Just a block down, chairs were being loaded into a truck, ballons were being blown up, and a wedding arch was being adorned with freshly clipped flowers.  The small shop buzzed with activity.. This was the wedding of the doctor who had saved Aunt Emmie’s life! They couldn’t wait to give back!

A ringing from her cell phone awoke Abigail, and she fumbled under her pillow for it sleepily, cursing alarms everywhere. Rubbing her eyes sluggishly, she instinctively reached for the snooze button, unwilling to rise from her comfortable covers,  when it came to her what day it was- and she promptly jumped out of bed.

Sparing a glance at her bedside clock, she grew into a state of panic. She had only five hours!

Opening the door to her bedroom to hurriedly walk out, she bumped into Amelia who had been about to open the door excitedly, and both fell into a jumbled heap on the floor.

“Momma, Momma! It’s your wedding day! I’m so so excited!” Amelia spoke quickly and excitedly, pulling her mother up and embracing her tightly. “Thank you so much again for letting me be your bridesmaid! The dresses got here this morning! They’re so beautiful! I can’t wait till Aunty Morgana comes to help us out! She called about half an hour ago and said she’d be here soon with Hayley!”

Abigail pulled  herself out of her daughter’s tight hug to catch her breath. So now she had only about half an hour until Morgana arrived! She really should have set her alarm for earlier. And then there were dresses to be fitted, calls to check that the chairs and food would be arriving on time- and then of course something always went wrong like if they were late, the dresses didn’t fit…

Abigail pushed a few stray locks of hair out of her face and wiped her eyes groggily. She would need a lot of coffee today. Lots, and lots, of coffee.

“Momma, are you okay? Can I get you anything? “

Amelia glanced at her daughter and was happy to see not a trace of that hideous black makeup she had begun to demand on wearing to her new school.

It was a sure sign all would go smoothly… she hoped.

“I’m fine, dear. Glad you like the dresses. Was the lilac color too much? I wasn’t sure if they would turn out alright…“

“No, no, they’re great!” Amelia gleefully reassured her. She clasped her hands and giggled excitedly, taking her mother’s hand in her own and pulling her towards the door.

“C’mon momma, you have to come see!”

Abigail gently pulled herself away. She needed a moment to herself before stepping out into the mayhem she knew would be outside the safe confines of her bedroom.

“You go on and try your dress. I have to go shower. Oh, and wake up your brother, I bet he’s still sleeping like a log. He was up pretty late strumming at that guitar.” She shook her head. Staying up so late wasn’t good for a growing boy.

Amelia’s grin faltered a bit, but she still beamed and asked, “Which brother?”

“Charles!” Abigail giggled.

Amelia hopped along, and Abigail gathered her clothes before entering her bathroom.

She stepped into the shower and after shedding her clothes, turned the tap on full blast. Cold water gushed over her body and she instinctively shied away.

But soon enough, hot water spurted from the spout and she went back under the torrent of water, closing her eyes blissfully. She stood there for a while, just letting the hot water soak her hair and run over her entire body.

As she washed herself, her worries seemed to be washed away as well- all for except one nagging thought that continued to plague her: Would they last?

She loved him- that was true. But hadn’t she loved Jared?

Incessant knocking on the bathroom door pulled Abigail out of her thoughts.


“Abi, it’s me,” Morgana called through the thin wood. “Is the door unlocked? I brought your dress up for you.”

Sighing, Abigail stepped out of the shower and into a towel. Time always flew by when she showered.

She wrapped another towel around her sopping hair and stepped into the hallway.

Morgana studied her friend carefully. “Are you okay?”

Abigail looked down and muttered, “You already know why I’m worried…”

Wrapping her best friend in hug, Morgana took Abigail by the hand back into the bathroom.

“We’ve already went over this,” she said, helping Abigail into the long gown and zipping it up. She grabbed the blow-dryer. “But let’s review anyway. You were only eighteen when you arrived in the valley. You were scared, naïve, lost, and desperate… and you were left to fend for yourself. Jared, ugh,” she wrinkled her nose in disgust, unwillingly to even call her best friend’s ex-husband by name. She cleared her throat and started again. “That pig took advantage of that. You were infatuated, hon. You didn’t actually love him. You latched on to him because he gave you attention nd made you feel loved. You get pregnant, and that makes you love him even more. In fact, even when you realized how awful he was you stayed with him for your children! In conclusion, your marriage to Jared was nothing. You can’t compare that to this marriage, you hear me?”

Abigail nodded meekly and absentmindedly twirled a piece of hair around her finger. “But what if he stops loving me?”

“Abigail!” Morgana turned the dryer off and looked at Abigail with piercing blue eyes. “You guys have dated for three years, and known eachother for four! Ever since you met him you’ve been attracted to him. And any fool can see its vice versa as well!”

Abigail turned away from her gaze and mumbled “But-“

“No buts, you hear me? He dotes on you and loves you! I know you said you’d never marry again, and I know this is hard for you, but I also know this is going to make you happy!“

Abigail looked up at Morgana hopefully, and a small smile crept to her face. “You think?”

“I know.”

Abigail’s smile widened and she got up to embrace her friend. “Thanks Morgy.”

Morgana flashed her friend a smile. “Don’t mention it.”

Applying small amount of makeup and doing Abigail’s hair, Morgana finished with a few sprits of hairspray before leading her friend out the door and back to the safe haven of her room.

“I’ve got to go see if our kids have gotten themselves into their clothes, as well as check up on that husband of mine. You take a breather. You’ve got two hours. Review your vows or something, but don’t let yourself be seen! I want it to be a surprise. Don’t worry about anything!” Morgana added when Abigail opened her mouth to argue. “I’ll handle the clothing alterations and wedding set-up. Relax! See you at the altar, love!”

Abigail pulled Morgana close for a long time. This would be the last time she’d be hugging her friend as a single woman. The thought was scary… but exciting. Who knew? She was excited about her wedding!

“C’mon Abi, I’m going to see you soon!” Morgana laughed. “You can let go!”

“Sorry.” Abigail let go of her friend, and Morgana left, closing the door softly behind her.

Abigail sat on her bed and looked out the window. She knew she was supposed to relax and not worry, but she couldn’t help it. Too many things went wrong when she wasn’t watching…

Smiling ruefully, she corrected herself: Things went wrong when she was involved. It wasn’t that she was unlucky, in fact, when it came to trivial things like winning a staring contest or a chess match, she was really quite lucky.

But life had dealt her too many hard blows. She was surprised she had managed to get back up. In fact, she was surprised she was experiencing… happiness. Of course she had been happy when her children had been born, when she had gone to Morgana’s baby shower (she knew how much her Morgy had craved a baby of her own!)… but the happiness of a marriage- a real marriage- was different.

There had been talk around the hospital amongst some of her co-workers that she had jumped into a new relationship too fast. She had never stopped to wonder if it was true, but now with two full empty hours to herself… well… perhaps they were right.

Stop thinking negatively! Who cares what they think!? You’re happy aren’t you?

Abigail carefully repositioned herself to not muss her hair or wrinkle her gown.

‘Yes,’ she thought, and a small, but confident smile crept onto her face.


A cool breeze gently blew the loose strands of hair away from her face as Abigail slowly walked down the aisle of flowers. She tried not to let her eyes wander, but she couldn’t help but admire the tasteful decorations around her. She hadn’t been able to see them at all from her bedroom window, and now that she was seeing them for the first time, she wanted to stop and take in the complex latticework of the embroidered tablecloth, the intricately styled designs on the large cake, the strategically placed flowers on the wedding arch…

But all those refined details seemed trivial when she gazed into the face of the man she truly loved. Brown eyes met their perfect brown match as he steadily looked at her.

The tears and sighs of her friends, family, and co-workers seemed to fade into nothingness. The feeling of the smooth fabric of her gown  and the pain of the blisters on her feet left her. Only the sunshine warmed her heart as it appeared to create a halo around her fiancé.

She didn’t hear the vows being spoken or the words being said once she reached the altar. Her mouth cooperated in forming the words and her face beamed, but she still didn’t feel as if the moment was hers.

But once she felt the kiss that would finally bind them as one, then did the world become clear.

Uncooked rice hit her on the head and found ways into her dress, and she pulled apart from her husband to laugh aloud at the joy and happiness and messines of it all.

“I guess that’s just how life is,” she smiled.

“What was that, love?” Leighton asked her above the noise.

She looked up into his face. “Life is a funny thing.  It’s the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled up into one big mush. There’ll always be bad things out there to knock you down, but you gotta keep on getting up to wait for the good that will always raise you back up.”

Leighton smiled and kissed her again. “Since when were you so intuitve?

“Guess you’ve still got a lot of characteristics of mine to find out,” she giggled.

“And I plan to enjoy each new one I find.”

“Aw Mom, get a room!” Charles told them jokingly, walking up to his mother with Amelia right behind him.

“You looked so pretty, Momma!” Amelia told her smiling broadly.

Abigail glanced at her daughter and smiled appraisingly. Morgy had done a good job on finding the bridesmaid dresses’ styled and cut. They looked fantastic!

“You’re pretty gorgeous yourself, Amelia! Thanks!”

Her daughter blushed and looked down. Abigail knew she didn’t believe it… and it hurt her.

Leighton saw the unease in his wife’s eyes and decided to talk to Amelia. But later. Today was their day, and he wouldn’t let anything, nor anyone for that matter, ruin it for Abigail. She had gone through so much and she deserved so much happiness!

Taking her hand and giving it a squeeze, Leighton brought her to where the cake sat, and Abigail gasped. It really was beautiful!

Leighton smiled at her amazement and together they cut the cake under the teary-eyed guests’ wet eyes.

Abigail wanted to dip her fingers in the moist cake, but Morgana had turned the music on and before she knew it, it was time for her and Leighton’s first dance as husband and wife.

She looked up surprised, stopping short and letting the man behind her bump into her.

She hadn’t even realized it until Leighton had led her to the middle of the dance floor and put a hand firmly on her waist, a gesture that had automatically excited every nerve in her body.

While all she wanted to do was something other than dance, Abigail’s legs did as they were instructed and she moved with fluidity to the rhythm of the song she had chosen for their first dance.

As each  verse was sung, Abigail felt the words ring true, near and dear to her, and she danced, putting her heart and soul into that moment with Leighton.

Their movements were not rehearsed, yet they flowed together with such unison that the second they had finished, the guests applauded heartily. There was a moment between the changing of the songs that everyone stood still and basked in the love that surrounded them.

But the moment was broken when a popular song was played, and everyone crowded to the dance floor.

Abigail and Leighton danced and chatted with each other, their friends, and their children- almost everybody in attendance.

As she danced with Hayley, Abigail couldn’t help but feel so special with the huge turnout of people, remembering the moment she had turned around from the altar and was surprised to see how many people had turned up to usher her into her new marriage.

She couldn’t help but feel absolutely giddy at the love and joy around her.

This, she felt with absolute certainty, was the start of something new. The start of a new life. Of one filled with hope, happiness, laughter, and most importantly, love.


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Here’s a little (funny) sneak peek at what’s to come:

Chapter 13: Feelings

The dipping and splashing of the Central Park fountain reminded Abigail of the ocean’s crashing waves against a sturdy shore; A steady, predictable rhythm, if the tide was good. Tiny water droplets soaked the back of her peach colored blouse and wet the miniscule hairs on the nape of her neck. It sent a small shiver throughout her body as a light breeze blew through the hot air. Her eyes were shut lightly as she took in deep, long breaths of the floral-scented summer air, her stiff muscles relaxing.

Abigail slowly opened her light brown eyes to glance about sunny Sunset Valley’s public park. Sitting at the chess tables around the cascading fountain were grandfathers teaching their granddaughters and grandsons the fundamentals of chess. Nearby, spread out on white and red checkered picnic blankets were parents with their young children, sat around a picnic basket. One family had three toddlers and two elementary schooled children gathered around them. All five of their offspring were eating ripe watermelon that dribbled down their cheeks in juicy red streaks that dirtied their white clothing. In the open field nearby, there was a group of children learning to play soccer, while another gang of of school children played tag and climbed trees, excitedly chattering about the approaching summer vacation.

Abigail placed her hands behind her on the cool rock and leaned backwards, letting the clear water droplets drizzle her sweaty face. A gold glint caught her eye as she straightened her neck back up. It seemed to come from a small patch of trees near the small lake. She craned her neck to see what it was, unwilling to rise from her comfortable position.

In the far corner of the park, hidden between the branches of the trees, in a secluded area by the shimmering water, Abigail could see a small, private wedding taking place. It was a sweet idea she mused, slightly smiling to herself, a simple wedding of the sort. The bride couldn’t have been much over 21 years old, her groom about the same age. She wore a modest, white summer dress, her shining auburn hair tied up neatly in a simple bun. Her lips were moving, probably exchanging vows with her soon-to-be husband. Both their eyes glistened. The pair’s parents stood nearby, both mothers leaning against their husbands, small tears that glinted in the sunlight ran down each of their cheeks. What appeared to be the grooms younger sister came up to her now sister-in-law and offered a small, crumpled daisy.

While it was wrinkled and a bit torn, the young bride gently tucked the withering flower behind her ear and smiled. She took the little girls hand in her own, her other hand still holding on to her husbands, and the three began to walk to the shiny black taxi that awaited them.

Abigail watched them, even standing up to do so, until she could watch no more and had to turn her head. She hadn’t realized that light tears had rolled down her cheeks at the tender moment, a moment so filled with love and happiness and hope… and she quickly wiped them away.

She sighed, a melancholy sound escaping her lips, and turned around to face the splashing fountain. Suddenly, she couldn’t bear being in the park. This was where she had once had those feelings… where she too had met her lover…

No! That’s not true!

At least she had her children’s weddings to look forward to, someday…

Abigail began to walk away, quickly, wanting to get away as far away as she could from a place where so many memories were associated.

Her wet heels were slipping off as she speed-walked, but she ignored them, unwilling to stop. One got caught in the mushy soil by the lake however, and fell off.

Grumbling to herself, she bent over to slip the shoe back on comfortably, and her medical textbook fell into the water. Cursing aloud, Abigail ignored the pounding of sneakers that ran past her, focusing more on the pain that ran down her back and through her knees as she bent to retrieve the book from the pond- her impending age getting the best of her.


Spluttering, she rose to the surface of the lake and scrambled out as quick as possible, careful to avoid the snapping turtles and fish, spewing water out of her mouth and rubbing her water-logged eyes as she went.

A gaggle of people rushed over to help her out, but she waved them off.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” she told them, wringing her drenched clothing.

The people offered her towels and blankets to dry herself off, but their kindness angered and bothered her, and she rudely waved them off.

Abigail sat in one of the chairs around a chess table to dry in the hot sun.

Picking up a black pawn, she started a game with herself, eager to look busy and nonchalant so the townspeople would stop looking at her- her angry scowl remained in place.

She beat herself, if that was possible, and lazily flicked a knight to the floor.

“Stupid world,” she muttered angrily under her breath. Why did other people get happy lives?

Suddenly, a shadow fell across the table, and a man, probably about her age, sat down.

“Hey, need a partner?” He asked, smiling whilst picking up the dropped piece.

Looking up, her eyes met his.

“Leighton,” he told her proffering a hand. “Leighton Sekemoto.”

“Abigail,” she returned, ignoring his outstretched arm.

He chuckled and dropped his hand. “Hey, no hard feelings. You know those kids, that bumped into you, sorry about that, they’re mine. They get a bit carried away at times, and it wasan accident. No need to be grumpy.”

“Those were your children? You ought to control them better,” she huffed, still embarrassed from the tumble in the lake. She just wanted to be left alone! Couldn’t he see she was having a bad day! And she wasn’t “grumpy”!

But Leighton only laughed gaily. “Not exactly, I coach children ages five to ten in soccer. Those were some of my students.”

When Abigail refused to answer, Leighton set up the pieces. “How about a game?”

Sighing to herself, Abigail began a round… and promptly beat him in five steps. His shocked face caused her to laugh against her will.

“Soccer coaches aren’t any good at chess, huh?” she giggled.

He pouted playfully and feigned hurt.

“Well that was uncalled for. What does little Miss Holier than Thou do as a living then, eh?”

“Well, I am only a promotion away from becoming a trauma surgeon,” Abigail boasted playfully, sticking out her tongue childishly for good measure…

Why did she feel like a teenaged girl!?

“Well excuse me!” Leighton laughed again. “Maybe you should check my son out once you get that promotion… high school seems to be causing him a lot of trauma.”

“Not that sort of trauma, silly. What grade is he in?”

“He’s currently a senior… my little boy is going off to college next year… If he chooses, of course. His name is Sam. Sam Sekemoto.”

“My! I don’t even want to think that far ahead for my children yet! Does he want to go?”

“Ehh, he’s not so sure yet.”

“What does your wife think?”

Leighton’s cheeks suddenly colored and his playful eyes gained a solemn look as he dropped his gaze to the table.

“I don’t have a wife. Sam was born when I was… young. ” He looked up to meet her eyes. “You know how high school is… My mother, the angel she was, helped me raise him.”

Abigail’s own cheeks flushed and she placed a comforting hand over his. “Hey, it’s alright. My love life isn’t so hot at the moment either.”

She smiled encouragingly, eager to lighten the tone again “Another round?”

An awkward smile graced her face, and Leighton couldn’t help but smile awkwardly back.


A guilty Abigail sat in the taxi cab, staring out the window.  Had the way she acted count as… cheating? It wasn’t like she and Leighton had kissed or even flirted, but the hug he gave her when she left for home was electric! She could almost feel sparks flying off both their bodies, mingling together to form exploding fireworks
between them! And they had traded numbers…

And who could deny the girlish way she had giggled when he bravely jumped into the lake after a little boy’s lost Frisbee – and came out with a fish trapped in his pants!

Abigail put a hand to her head in distress. She wasn’t cheating! That woman had no idea what she was talking about! Who gave her the right to call them a “sweet, old couple?” First off, they were friends, nothing more! New friends too! Second, she wasn’t old! Okay, fine… maybe a little… but everyone has wrinkles!

Either way, she was going to divorce Jared… sure she hadn’t gotten around to it… just yet… but she was going to! And she and Leighton would stay just friends! They both already had grown children, for goodness sakes! Not only that, she was done with men! They were all dirty, distrustful bastards. Heck, if she wanted, she could just not contact Leighton in a snap! She had Morgana to be her friend, who needed a new one? A man at that! And her children! They were her friends! That’s all she needed!

But is that what you want?

Shut up.

The cab pulled to a stop across from her home, and she slowly got out.

Today was the day she had decided it was time to tell her children…

Fear and doubt suddenly swept through her body. Was this the right choice? Was she doing the right thing for her children? For herself?  Did she have enough money to go through this? Did she have enough support?

A divorce is a big thing…

As Abigail neared the house, all doubt was erased from her mind as she heard yelling coming from inside.

“You IDIOT!” she heard Jared scream. A loud sound vibrated through the house, as if someone had been smacked. Hard.

A cry confirmed it… and that it was her daughter.


Abigail ran inside. Newfound confidence swept into her heart and she held her head high, all doubt erased.

“Stop. Right. There. You monster!” she exclaimed loudly.

Jared turned to look at her in shock. He dropped his raised fist and came closer.

“Excuse me?” He laughed in her face. “Shut up.”

Abigail only raised an eyebrow. “No.”

Jared laughed again, but there was a slight tremor in his voice this time… when was the last time she had defied him? And was that… regret in his eyes? He noticed her looking and turned his head, scrunching his lips as if trying not to cry.

“You’re an old, frail man now, Jared,” Abigail calmly told him, her heart beating rapidly, yet her voice steady. “You can’t overpower me. I’m younger and stronger than you. I also am sick and tired- I’m fed up with you and the way you treat this family… our children! They were raised in a household of fear and hate! I know you yourself had a rocky childhood, but why would you want your own children to experience something like it? You think you were the only one out of us that had something like that?”

Jared’s mouth hung open. He stuttered and tried to speak, but Abigail raised her hand to silence him. Dumbfounded, Jared obeyed.

“I want a divorce.”

At this, his eyes grew wide with fear and his wrinkled hands trembled violently.

“No,” he croaked. “No, you can’t!” His voice grew louder and louder, until it was a full out wail. Amelia shrank away and retreated to a corner of the house, looking wildly around the house for her absent brother.


Abigail only looked at him.  “Yes. You chose your actions… now it’s time to pay the price. If you don’t decide to do this professionally, I can sue you for assault, child abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse,” she ticked each one off on her fingers. As each finger rose, Jared’s face grew paler.

“No, please. Okay. I- I’m sorry.” He broke down in tears.

Abigail stepped back, surprised, as a wall seemed to crumble before her, leaving a skinny, weak, old man behind it. An old man filled with grief, regret, and despair.

“I’m so sorry! Oh my God I’m so sorry!” He buried his head in his hands as his body wracked with sobs. “Please forgive me! Oh my God! I- I- I’m so sorry!”

Abigail only looked at him pityingly. “You have a week to gather your things, apologize to your children, and find your own place. After that, we can settle the other things with a lawyer and attorney.”

Jared looked at her with blotchy eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but only a sob escaped his lips.

“But, where will I go?”

Abigail did not answer, but turned away from her first love, her heart light. But as she went to comfort her daughter, distress rose within her body… what would happen to them now?


 A week passed within in a blur, but the divorce took a strenuous nine months with daily trips to her lawyers office, as well as a huge sum of money. Despite the thankfulness she felt over the whole affair being over, Abigail knew she wouldn’t have made it through without the support of her friends and children. Morgana covered some of the costs as well as gave Abigail time off from work, while Leighton often looked after her children on the days she was out for hours at a time. Not only did her children befriend Leighton’s son, but Sam also helped Charles look out for Amelia the way an older brother would. The way the three teenagers interacted with each other made Abigail’s heart melt. The happiness she now saw on a daily basis emanate from her children let her know the costly and taxing divorce had been well worth it.

Happily picnicking with Morgana one afternoon on their day off, Abigail excitedly patted the legal documents in her purse, eager to tell Morgana the end results.

“Oh come out with it Abbie,” Morgana smiled through a mouthful of hotdog. “Anyone can see you can barely contain yourself!”

Abigail smiled broadly and pulled out her documents, talking a mile a minute.

“Because of Jared’s jail time and history of scandals, as well as all the different forms of abuse both I and the kids testified to, I get full custody of both Charles and Amelia!!  Aaaaaaah!!!”

Abigail got up from her wooden bench to do a little victory dance. She had been terrified to hear that that Jared had a chance to get the children, even for the weekends! When she had learned she had full custody over them she had felt like the world had been lifted off her shoulders!

Settling herself back down, Abigail grabbed herself a hotdog off the plate.

“Obviously Jared has to pay child support, but the only time he can actually see the kids is if someone is there to watch over it all.”

“My, isn’t that lucky,” Morgana commented as her friend lunched. “Do you think he’ll choose to see them?”

Abigail chewed thoughtfully. “You know, I really have no idea. He seemed pretty regretful the last week he stayed with us. I caught him more than once tearing up when he thought no one was there. But I honestly don’t know.”

“What about the house and deeds?”

“Well, I got full rights over the house, as they’re admitting Jared into a mental hospital, so I’m pretty much in full control of everything. It’s going to be as if Jared was never my husband! All I’ll have of him as a reminder will be the kids and his child support.”

“As well as the house,” Morgana added, acknowledging the way Jared had redecorated the house.

“Actually, I’m going to be completely remodeling the house! It’s going to be great! I’m so excited! The kids, Leighton, and Sam will be helping us out! Do you and Hayley want to as well?”

“Oh we’d be delighted! You know, I can’t believe our daughters haven’t met yet!”

Abigail opened her eyes wide and choked on her hotdog. “Oh gosh, you’re right! “

Morgana laughed at Abigail’s amazement.

“Say,” Morgana mused. “I just remembered. Whatever happened to Jared’s other daughter. Tina was it?”

“Oh, Tania? I have no idea. Jared handled the child support payments that the court forced upon him at the time of his jail admittance. To be honest, I didn’t know about her until the day he tried to kill his brother.” Abigail’s excited chatter dropped a pitch as she thought back to that sad day. “Nor did the kids,” she continued. “Heck, they don’t even know about Tania because it all happened when they were still pretty young. Amelia might, but I highly doubt it.”

“Are you going to tell them?”

“I don’t think so. Tania and her mother have probably moved out of town by now anyway. I mean, why stir up things in the past?”

“I suppose you’re right, but what if they meet someday? Won’t Tania remember?”

Abigail waved her hand in the air. “Probably not. She’s only a year older than Amelia, you know.”

Morgana nodded, but looked doubtful. Getting up to toss both their paper plates and plastic utensils in the garbage, Morgana commented, “Wouldn’t Claire have told Tania about your kids though?”

Abigail nonchalantly wiped the crumbs off her blouse before getting up herself. “Ehh… I doubt she would. Claire hates getting involved in stuff.”

She slung her purse over her shoulder and linked arms with her friend.

“You know, I don’t think it was such a good idea to eat right before going shopping,” Abigail mentioned, signaling the end of the serious conversation.

Morgana laughed. “Girl, we’re getting old. Soon, our kids will be having children of their own, and I don’t want to be that extremely skinny grandma. It’ll look like we’re trying too hard.”

They both looked at each other and laughed, knowing that the comment was a referral to that eighty seven year old lady who had come into the emergency room last week for bulimia… turned out she was trying to stay thin and pretty, dressing in the skimpiest outfits she could find and paying for whatever plastic surgery she could afford. Luckily they were able to fatten her up a bit and admit her to a psychiatric hospital. Still, it had been a funny case.

Abigail and Morgana hugged before getting up and walking to the salon, each telling the other about their current patients, as well as exchanging town gossip.

Abigail felt like she was walking on a cloud. Here she was walking down the street with her friend, completely care-free, on her way to a shopping trip. She didn’t have to worry about her children, as they were at school, and she could spend the entire day with Morgana, shopping, gossiping, and catching up. Her only worry was money, but she had promised herself she wouldn’t worry about it. Today, at least.



Amelia dashed into Abigail’s arms no sooner had she opened the door and set foot inside.


“Amelia, darling what’s the matter?” Abigail dropped her bags clumsily to embrace her daughter.

Amelia tried to speak but only a strangled gasp escaped.

“She’s looking for her stupid sock!” Charles exasperatedly flung his arms in the air, entering the room. “She’s screeching and screaming ‘cause she’s missing her favorite sock! And not only that, she misplaced her stinking homework, so now she’s having a panic attack over that!”

“Charles, keep your voice down,” Abigail admonished, rocking her daughter. “Did you help her look for it?”

Charles rolled his eyes, annoyed. “Gosh, don’t you get how aggravating it is? I’m trying to do my own dumb homework!”

Abigail flashed her eyes at him. Doesn’t he understand it’s his job as a brother to look out for his sister? Since when has he gotten so moody?

“Ugh! Sam is down in the basement checking behind the laundry machine to see if it fell behind it,” Charles continued.

“And are you looking for her homework?”

“Geez mom, it’s not my problem! Why doesn’t she look for her own work instead of screeching and screaming?”

Charles shot Amelia an angry glare and she burst into fresh tears.

“Charles, apologize to your sister.”

“No way!”

“Then you’re grounded, young man.”

Turning on his heel without a word, Charles stomped as loud as he could to the nearest room, which happened to be the bathroom, and slammed the door with all his force. The sound of the garbage can being knocked over as he kicked it angrily made Abigail feel bad, but not enough to tell him it was alright to treat his sister that way.

What has gotten into him?

Sam emerged from the basement doorway with a dusty, pink polka-dotted sock in hand. “Is this it?”

“Ohh! Thank you so much Sam!” Amelia cried, flinging herself away from her mother and into his arms for a giant hug. She rapidly wiped the dust off and put it on, and instant look of calm crossing her face.

“Do you know about my homework?”

Sam scratched his head. “Err I think it’s on the kitchen counter.”

“Thanks!!” Amelia scampered off to the kitchen, but turned around to face her mother halfway there.

“Hey momma did you and Auntie Morgana have a good time? I see you got a new outfit!”

“Err, yeah,” she said.

Amelia shot her a thumbs up and spun on her heel.

Abigail only turned to Sam, who didn’t seem fazed at all.

“Thanks for helping me with that kiddo.”

“Not a problem Ms. Pisces!”

“My kids don’t call your father Mr. Sekemoto, they call him Leighton! Please, call me Abigail.”

“Sure thing! Though Abigail calls him dad,” Sam chuckled.

“Oh dear! I’ll talk to her about it. Sorry about it. You know how Amelia is though,” Abigail told him, her cheeks flushing.

“No, it’s alright, he likes it.”

“Does he really?”

Sam looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “Yeah, says she’s the daughter he never had.”

Abigail’s heart leapt, but she beat it down and merely said, “Aww that’s cute. You do act like her brother you know.”

Sam blushed. “What can I say? She can be quiet endearing at times.”

Abigail beamed at her friend’s son. Why couldn’t her son be more like him?

She immediately regretted thinking that. How dare she think like that of her family! Charles is only a fifteen-year-old boy! Of course he wouldn’t know how to handle his… distressed sister. And now was the time he was going to break apart from his family and become his own person!

Abigail suddenly had the urge to cry. Her babies were growing up so fast! It was only yesterday that she had brought home a squalling baby boy in a blue blanket- and now here he was getting mood swings. A teenager!

Abigail secretly wiped away a tear, smiled at Sam, and excused herself, gathering her bags off the floor and taking them to her dresser to fold. She was passing by the door when the doorbell rang.

“It’s my dad,” Sam called to her. “I’ll see you soon!”

Quickly dumping her clothes on the bed, Abigail rushed to the door giddily to say hello to Leighton before he left.

“Leighton, how have you been,” she asked him, a smile growing on her face.

Leighton returned the grin. “I’m great now that I’ve seen your beautiful face,” he laughed jokingly.

For a second, Abigail wished it wasn’t a joke, but instantly felt foolish. Leighton was her friend. Why complicate matters and ruin this friendship?

Why not just make it something more?

She blushed, which caused Leighton to laugh louder.

Sam rolled his eyes. “C’mon dad, flirt with her later.”

“I might just do that,” he retorted. “Talk to you later, sweetheart.” He pecked her on the cheek, took Sam by the arm, and was out the door.

But Abigail just stood there with an expression on her face as she watched Leighton walk down to his car, all the while chatting and laughing amiably with his son.

She didn’t move until the car had driven off and turned the curve at the bottom of the street. Only then did she shut the door and begin folding her new clothing.

Making sure both children were doing their schoolwork, Abigail began to go through her daily chores. Luckily the kids had lunch at school, but she still needed to cook dinner for them.

Taking out a pot, box of spaghetti, and a hunk of cheese, Abigail began to busy herself with preparing the meal. Ever since Jared had left, she had had to take on the cooking- a task he had always done as he claimed it helped him improve for his job. She never realized how difficult it was! Even cooking a simple pot of macaroni and cheese was hard! She had to make sure the pasta wasn’t undercooked, nor was it burnt. And God forbid she move away from the stove to grab a book or find something to do while waiting for the water to boil, because if Amelia were to come out of her room and see the stove on and unattended… Abigail didn’t even want to remember what had happened last time.

Dividing the dinner into three portions, Abigail left the steaming bowls on the table to cool. The laundry machine was beeping downstairs.

Bringing the freshly laundered clothes and sheets up the stairs, Abigail took a moment to wipe her brow and push a flyaway strand behind her ear.

She didn’t like to admit it, but it was hard being a single mother. Sure, her life was better without and abusive husband, but it was harder.

Abigail went to the Charles’ crevice of the large, open room and stood with her hands on her hips. “Charles, dinner.”

When he didn’t respond, Abigail frowned. “Charles, it’s dinner time,” she repeated.

He looked up from his book long enough to say, “I don’t want to eat,” before immediately lowering his head.

“You eat any less and you’ll become a skeleton! Come on, son!”

“Nope, wouldn’t want to do anything that upsets her highness Amelia,” Charles retorted sarcastically.

“Charles! Don’t talk that way about your sister! Both you and I know she is not in her right mind! The least you can do is humor her a bit and help her out when she has a fit!”

“Mom, I’m not her parent. That’s your job. Now can you please leave me alone?”

Clucking her tongue, Abigail  looked away and turned around. If he was going through one of his hormonal phases, so be it- but he didn’t have to take it out on everyone around him!

Abigail knocked on the bathroom door where she had heard Amelia taking a shower. Not hearing any response, she opened the door and entered- only to see her daughter leaning over her marble notebook in tears, homework and pencil shavings scattered across the damp bathroom floor.

Ignoring the fact that her daughter was working on her schoolwork in a wet and humid bathroom, Abigail crouched down. “Oh honey, what’s wrong?”

“N- no. It’s just, I can’t take it anymore, Momma!” she sobbed. “I hate my school! It’s too hard, and I can’t even concentrate in class because everyone makes fun of me and I have to worry about getting to my next class without being shoved and because of that I do bad in school and Charles is older than me and in higher classes and is getting A’s!” she said it all in one long breath before dropping her head back down, new tears falling on her blank homework assignment.

“Aww sweetheart,” Abigail frowned and her heart ached. “I know you don’t want me to talk to the principal or teacher about it, but I hate seeing you like this! I know you tell me Charles tries to protect you, but he isn’t in any of your classes, hon. Do you think their’s anything I can do to help? All I want is for you to be happy. You know that.”

Amelia sniffled and thought for a moment before asking timidly, “Maybe I could go to a private school? Or a boarding school?”

Her daughter’s request caught Abigail off guard for a moment and she didn’t say anything. She thought they had already had this discussion. Did Amelia really want to go that badly? She chewed her lip pensively. To afford a private school she would have to take money from her house remodeling funds… and who knows how much the tuition would cost! But then again, did she want her daughter to be bullied throughout her high school life? Children killed themselves over bullying!


“Yes, sorry dear. I’m not saying no this time, but I’m not saying yes either. I’m going to discuss this with Morgana and Leighton, and then I’ll get back to you, alright?”

“Sure momma,” Amelia chirped, but her hope fell before she even said it.

“Dinner is ready by the way…”


“I think we should get multiples of the uniform, don’t you think?” Amelia asked her mother.

Abigail looked at the price tags and nodded, tossing the shirts to Amelia who deftly caught it, a proud smile crossing her face.

“Thanks so so so so much momma!”

Abigail looked at her little girl and smiled. It was about the thousandth time Amelia had thanked her.

“No problem sweetheart.”

But her face fell when her daughter turned around- they were expensive shirts!

Sighing to herself, Abigail pulled out her book and flipped to the page she had put the pamphlet in. Scanning the uniform requirements, Abigail made sure everything they needed was in order.

“You ready to bring it all to the checkout?”

“Yes!” Amelia bounded over to the desk and placed the clothes on the counter, smiling ear to ear as the woman scanned the tags, folded the clothes, and placed them in a plastic bag for her.

“Already planning for the next school year?”

“No, I’m going to an all year private school. We don’t get a summer vacation, instead more free days throughout the year. It’s so we don’t forget everything over the summer,” Amelia told her proudly, restating what she had read in the pamphlet. The little brochure was almost in shreds thanks to the way Amelia had excitedly re read it over and over, cover to cover.

“Is that so?” the woman smiled at her.

“Yep! Thanks! Buh-bye now!”

Abigail took Amelia by the arm, and the two walked out.

“Oh Momma, can I put them on when I get home and show them to Dad when he comes over for dinner tonight?”

“When Uncle Leighton comes over. You don’t call Auntie Morgana mom, do you? And of course you may, but take it off before you eat. I don’t want a repeat of last week when you dirtied your favorite shirt with grease.”

“Sorry momma, and sure!”

Amelia walked along, swinging her bag contently, when she stopped dead in her tracks.

“What about that Maggie lady? Weren’t we supposed to meet with her today?”

Abigail slapped a hand to her mouth. She had forgotten all about the therapy session she had set up with that new therapist, Maggie Griffith. She was new, so inexpensive for the time being, but the doctors at the hospital raved about her. Abigail had finally come to terms with her daughter’s obsessive compulsive disorder, and has decided to set up a family therapy session to help Amelia. She had only told Morgana, but she supposed the information had traveled down the grapevine… she just didn’t know how her daughter would take it.

“Oh, you’re right! Maybe, she can join us for dinner too.” Abigail smiled at her daughter. “That way you can get to know her before our session.”

“What session?”

She gave Amelia a side-long glance and told her carefully, “Mrs. Griffith is going to help you control the way you feel about checking things all the time.”

Amelia got a wild look in her eye and she stopped dead in her tracks.

Dropping the bag at her side, Amelia clasped her hands to her head.

“No! She can’t do that! I have to check stuff! She can’t! Momma, don’t let her into the house!”

“Amelia, stop that!”

Amelia started to hyperventilate, and Abigail wished she hadn’t said anything. She had forgotten she had to be extra careful about what she said around Amelia.

“Amelia, dear. Please calm down. Relax, sweetheart and take short breaths.” She caressed her daughter’s hair soothingly to calm her, ignoring the looks a passerby gave them.

After a long minute, Amelia’s breathing came to normal and her flushed cheeks regained their pale shade. Abigail picked up the bag and took her daughter gently by the hand, ushering her into a taxi by the curb.

“15 Summer Hill Court, please.”

When they arrived, Abigail saw an unfamiliar car parked outside her home. Mrs. Griffith must have arrived early! At least Charles was home to let her in.

Upon entering, Abigail saw Mrs. Griffith on her phone, and Charles making her a coffee. When the therapist noticed them, she ended her call and walked over.

“I’m so sorry for the delay, Mrs. Griffith,” Abigail told her, proffering a hand.

Mrs. Griffith shook both their hands, noticing the way Amelia flinched away and started at her fearfully. “Not a problem. Your lovely son asked me in and offered to prepare me a cup of coffee. Such a darling boy. And please, call me Maggie.”

Abigail looked at Charles with pride, he stared back broodingly, but she saw a trace of a smile play on his lips when he turned to pour the coffee. Teenagers.

“Please, let’s have a seat and begin,” Maggie continued. “Charles told me you were expecting friends over for dinner soon, and I wouldn’t want to delay your meal.”

“Oh, it’s no problem at all! You’re welcome to join us. They’ll be arriving any minute, so I don’t know if it would be best to begin now. I’m terribly sorry for inconveniencing you this way. It seems I lost track of the dates.”

Maggie only laughed kindly and waved it off. “Oh not a problem. I don’t do much Friday nights. I’d be delighted to stay and get to know your family even better!”

The doorbell rang at that moment, and Abigail went to open it.

Leighton walked in and smiled before catching sight of Maggie.

“I didn’t know we were having a model over to entertain us, Abigail, what have we here?”

He went over to shake Maggie’s hand, while Abigail saw Sam groan. “Daaaaad! Why do you act so weird?”

Maggie only giggled at Leighton’s silliness, while Abigail looked away.

They gathered around the table while Abigail served the meatloaf she had prepared before leaving to get Amelia her school uniforms.

Leighton cracked jokes the entire night, as he always did, but this time they weren’t directed at her. Abigail merely picked at her food and pushed her peas around angrily, a green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head. She didn’t even understand the way she felt! Leighton was just being Leighton! He was a fun guy, always lightening the mood and being the good guy he was.

Abigail tried to keep herself busy in the kitchen and keep the food rotating. She breathed a sigh of relief when they had finished the dessert and it was time for them to leave. Usually she hated it when her friend left, but today she couldn’t be rid of him faster.

Sam had already left for the car and Amelia, Charles, and Maggie had begun to sit down on the couch to begin the session. Abigail looked at them happily. Amelia had really warmed up to Maggie! Maybe they could befriend her after the therapy session. Abigail started to close the door, but Leighton stopped her.

“Hey,” he said gently. “I missed you today at dinner. You were up and down constantly bringing food, and when you were sitting down, you weren’t even eating or saying anything. What gives? You’re usually so fun and talkative.”

Abigail looked at him coolly. “None of your business,” she snapped. “Why don’t you go ask Maggie what gives with her? She didn’t seem to be eating much, either. Oh, wait, she was laughing at your flirtatious jokes the whole time she forgot to eat.” Abigail rolled her eyes to match her sarcastic tone before resuming her normal voice. “Next time, don’t flirt with my therapist. Thanks.”

She tried to shut the door but Leighton blocked the doorway with his foot.

“Aw is that what’s been bothering you?” He looked at her affectionately, and Abigail’s heart started to flutter, her palms to sweat, and her stomach to flip flop.

What’s happening to me! He completely insulted me today!

To be honest, she didn’t understand these feelings properly… she didn’t understand what they were- and it confused her.

“You know, you’re cute when you’re jealous,” he smiled at her.

I’m NOT jealous!

But when Leighton leaned in, all her feelings flew out the open door, and as he placed a tender kiss on her lips, Abigail didn’t care at all what she felt- she loved this feeling!

She leaned in towards him, holding the doorknob for support as her knees turned to jelly below her.

Leighton gently pulled away and looked her deeply in the eyes; she looked back and got lost in his own shining, golden brown ones.

“Good night Ms. Pisces,” he told her with a smile, and gently shut the door.

Abigail only stood there in shock and put a hand to her lips. Where Leighton’s lips had just been.

“Momma?” Amelia called.

“Coming,” Abigail said over her shoulder. She floated in a daze over to the couches and sat herself down.

Leighton had kissed her!

The whole session seemed to fly by. Abigail wasn’t required to talk much- it was mostly Amelia, Charles and Maggie. She had been there only to listen in and give small details or facts… not that she had been very helpful. She had barely heard a word said!

Before Maggie had left, she reminded Abigail that next meeting she would have to pay more attention because it would be an important session. Abigail promised her she would… but at the moment, she was floating on a cloud.

Even her nightly routine of seeing the kids off to bed was done in such a state of elatedness that she kissed Charles on the forehead and whispered ‘Goodnight Amelia!’

And as she snuggled down in her empty bed, Abigail could only think of one day sharing it again.

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Chapter 12: The Results of a Mistake

The rising sun of Sunset Valley was met with the laughter and song of two children on Summer Hill court. As he began his ascent through the dark blue sky, he lengthened his brilliant rays for a stronger shine. He had noticed these two children in particular out of the Valley, as he had seen many naughty children on similar days: Children who didn’t get out of bed when asked to and retaliated at their parents for waking them up; children who fought with their brothers and sisters over the last chocolate muffin; and children who left a mess without cleaning up after themselves. But no, these children were different, and the sun liked this change. The eldest was a girl with hair the color of his sunset, her brother a young boy, a creator of music, whose tunes were as sweet as his birds’ songs.

The sun liked these children- they got along the way he and his sister did: each was different, but lived in happiness and harmony.

A beautiful morning met the town of Sunset Valley that early Saturday.

The sun slowed his job of bringing in the light and taking over the darkness for a moment to listen in on the children.

He asked his sister’s children, the stars, to predict these children’s future before he swept their little twinkly toes away to bed.

The stars sleepily did as their uncle asked, rearranging themselves slowly in the position of star-telling.

The sun watched before pulling a cloud to cover himself as a sad image appeared before him, painted in the sky.

A raindrop threatened to escape the cloud before him, but he pushed it away before it could.

Sighing, he continued his slow journey once again… but his rays were not as vibrant, and his thoughts of the children not as fond.


“Put your hands in the air!” Amelia laughed, swaying to the music. Only the dim light of an early morning sky lit the room, so she could barely see.

Yet that was alright, she smiled broadly, proud of herself.

She had already checked the light switch to see if she would fall or hurt someone… or if someone would hurt her.

Three times she had to flip the switch. If the light flickered once or more out of those three times, she would have to get back into bed and stay there until her father left for work or until someone came in to force her out of bed.

They hadn’t flickered.

She smiled again and turned to her brother.

It was great to leave her room without feeling nervous. Last time, the lights had told her she would do something bad… and she didn’t want it to be true, obviously. But when she checked the water, they told her otherwise- but the water had lied because the lights had told them to- the lights were upset that she double-checked them with the water!

She had caused Momma to suffer for that…

Amelia turned her head away so that Charles wouldn’t see the tear that had slipped down her cheek. It hadn’t been Momma’s fault… It had been hers!! The lights, water, and stove controlled everyone… and they’d controlled Daddy that day…

She hadn’t realized that until he hit her, but that wasn’t his fault! She realized that too late. Why was she blaming him when it was their fault?

Shaking her head, Amelia turned back to her brother, who had been saying something to her.

“What was that?” she questioned.

“Am I doing it right?”

His brow was furrowed in concentration, trying to get the right dance moves down, while at the same time follow the fast beat that was playing.

“Hey, don’t concentrate too hard! You won’t be able to do it. Just let the music flow through your body- the way you described it to me!”

Charles closed his eyes and let the fast rock music wash over him. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and began popping moves, moving his feet in quick, complicated rhythms to the beat of the music, moving all over the floor.

“How’d you do that?” Amelia asked flabbergasted. He was so good!

But Charles just laughed. “I guess you were right, just the way I told you: You gotta let it flow through you… like the ocean or pool water!”

The mention of water caused Amelia to stiffen and she got really hot all of a sudden. Anxiousness washed over her like a tsunami wave ready to destroy all within its path.

“I’ll be right back,” she told him.

Running to her room, Amelia threw off her pants and changed her sweaty top too, Charles’ confused calls being met with “Be right back!”

Water…  It was almost 8:00… Momma woke up at 8 on the dot, thanks to her alarm clock. Amelia had to go check with the water to see if Momma would have a good day… or a bad one.

She tried to nonchalantly slink over to the sink from her bedroom… She had to check! She had to save her Momma from fate’s conspiracies!

People aren’t that appreciative, she suddenly thought to herself, feeling very melancholy as she quietly slunk, trying to avoid Charles’ glance. Last time she had checked the sink, Daddy had asked her, not too pleasantly either, what the heck she was doing… but it had been hard to explain.

Why exactly was she doing this? Even Momma had looked at her oddly… no, not oddly, worriedly.

Amelia turned the knobs quickly.




And she clasped her hands to her head, letting out a shriek.

“Amelia, are you alright!?”

Charles rushed over, pulling her into a tight hug. She was against the wall, shaking. How could she have been so stupid!

“The- the- the water…. It was red! I-i-t’s blood! It means blood! P-pain! Charles, something is going to happen today! Oh, and on your birthday too-“

“Hush, Lia,” he murmured, petting her hair the way he had seen his mother do when Amelia threw these fits… he should have seen her checking the taps! She did that every day at 8:00! How could he have lost track of the time!?

He cradled a rocking Amelia in his skinny arms, wishing, just for a second, that he didn’t have to deal with this- then instantly regretted it. She was his sister. Besides, Momma had said it was just hormones… but she hadn’t sounded very sure.

Charles heard heavy footsteps slam against the floor, and he instinctively drew away… he knew those sounds too well.

Amelia hugged her knees to her chest tight, scrunching her eyes as her father stomped his way over to her.

He grabbed her arm tightly, nails digging into her skin, and roughly pulled her up.

“What the fuck was that!?” he yelled at her. Spit hit her lip, but she made no movement to wipe it away- her arm hurt like something awful, and her heart beat so furiously she thought it would burst.

“Jared, her arm-” her mother started, rushing out in her bathrobe, but silenced herself when Jared began to turn around. Her alarm sounded, but she made no move to turn it off. Amelia saw she was rooted to the spot.

Her father pushed her away roughly, and she cradled her arm, little drops of dark red staining her skin where his nails had dug deep.

The water never lies…

“Would you like to explain what the hell you were doing, SCREAMING, at this hour? I need my goddamn sleep, you moron! Who do you think brings in the money for your fucking food!?”

“I’m sorry! But the water, it was red, and-“


Amelia backed away in terror.

Her arm still throbbed, but she didn’t speak; when she spoke, she was hit… she didn’t need another bruise; it was hard hiding it all from the teachers at school. They didn’t understand that it wasn’t really his fault… last time the school tried to help she had only gotten more hurt… They had been right. As usual.

Shutting her mouth however, didn’t work this time, and she wasn’t let off as easy as she had hoped.

She only wished she could stop screaming out- she hated the pain she saw in Momma and Charles’ faces as they tried to look away.

At least Daddy seemed satisfied…

*One Year Later*

Charles sat in class, taking notes as his teacher talked, but not really paying attention. It didn’t really matter. He could read the textbook when he got home really quick. School, oddly enough, came naturally to him. While he looked like his father, he surely had gotten his mother’s genes. Mrs. Dulle droned on about something ridiculous like digestion of worms. Whatever. In the corner of his notebook, Charles began to draw the face of the girl two seats down from him. He started with her ovular face, drawing in her piercing green eyes with his green pen- they were the same color as his own. Taking an orange highlighter out of his pencil case, Charles colored in her fiery orange hair. It was like nothing he had ever seen! His father and sister had orange hair, but it was more ginger than orange- this was flaming! He drew her bangs and hair, making sure to draw her hair just the way it was-locks just barely grazing her shoulder. He then started on her body, drawing in her wide, womanly curves, smiling a little to himself as he added in her full bosom and muscular legs. She was an excellent sports player and was on the varsity soccer team, but bullied a lot because of her weight. Charles found it endearing though. Her plumpness held a homeliness he loved, as his mother and sister were both incredibly thin and bony.

Around her picture, he began writing the song lyrics he had been working on about her, mentally calculating how much longer it would take for him to save up for that guitar.

Jared had won the lottery a month ago, and instead of sharing the money with his family, he had used it to build and furnish himself a giant, new kitchen, and create a large pool. For the rest of the family, he had built a bathroom, and beds… but no bedrooms. He had used up all the money on high-tech cooking appliances for his giant kitchen!

Charles scowled to himself. He hated his father.

“Charles!” Mrs. Dulle’s sharp voice brought him back to the 11th grade biology classroom.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Do you mind paying attention instead of doodling who knows what?”

Charles slammed his notebook shut before anyone could take a peek at his drawing.

“Sure. Sorry.”

But still, he kept glancing at her. Sure, she was a year older than his own sister, thus making her three years his senior, but they must be able to have some sort of a connection if he was in her class.

Charles sighed and slumped down in his chair. He hated being smart sometimes. Sure, momma had been ecstatic when her little boy had moved up two grades, surpassing his own sister, but still. He was 14 and still without a girlfriend. Yeah, momma had said that was completely alright, and yeah, Amelia hadn’t gotten a boyfriend yet (not that he was surprised) but he felt far behind. It was also tough making friends when he was in the higher grades. The boys called him a nerd because of his argyle sweaters, nerdy-looking glasses, and slicked back hair.

‘Their loss,’ his mother had comforted him. But he wasn’t so sure. He just didn’t understand high school. Middle and elementary school had never been much of a problem, but now…

The bell rang, announcing the end of the school day. Charles threw his books quickly into his book bag, daring a glance out of the corner of his eye to the girl before rushing out the door to find Amelia. He had to watch her whenever he could. Charles didn’t want a repeat of last week…

He saw her leaning against a locker eyes shut, lips moving. She was counting again.

“Hey Amelia!”

“Charles!” Amelia called out his name and opened her eyes before gleefully bounding over. “Instead of going immediately home today you wanna go get a makeover?  Momma gave me money for some new clothes! Ooh! Can I style you? You wanna go to the salon instead of the consignment store?”

“Ermm I don’t know.”

Charles thought it over for a moment before giving his consent. If his sister was having one of her good days, who was he to ruin it? What was the worst that could happen, right?

“Yaaaay!” Amelia grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side of the school where a row of taxis were always lined up to take the kids that missed their bus, stayed late in school, or didn’t qualify for a bus, home. Pushing her brother into one, Amelia smiled warmly at the driver.

“Hello,” she chirped. “Could you please take us to the salon?”

“Not a problem.”

Buckling their seatbelts, the Pisces siblings leaned in their seats, thankful to be out of school.

The second they arrived, Amelia sprang out the door and rushed in. Shaking his head, Charles swung her forgotten pack over his shoulder and gathered his own in his arms.

“Thanks,” he told the driver on his way out, smiling gratefully when the old man opened the door for him. The cool air outside in comparison to the stuffy oxygen-deprived classroom and cab he had just been in was a relief, and he stood there for a moment, breathing in the fresh air.

Balancing on one foot and raising his knee, on which he placed his own sack, Charles ruffled though his books to pull out his math notebook. While he was here, he might as well get some work done.

When he entered, Amelia was in the far corner, examining her backside and mumbling to herself.

Charles sighed and walked towards her, homework in hand, but not before dropping their bags in a cubby at the front.

She was making dismayed faces at the mirror when he walked by.

Placing his work on the ground, Charles was met with an audible gasp.

“Charles! You’re not actually going to do your homework, are you!?”

He glanced down at the notebook, confused.

“Yeah… I am… why?”

Jumping off the stand, Amelia rushed to her brother’s side and snatched his homework off the floor.

“Umm, no. You’re not. We are here for a makeover! I’m gonna give you one! Aha!!” she clapped excitedly, jumping up and down with glee at her sudden idea.

Charles only groaned inwardly. He knew he had to do it whether he wanted to or not- momma might get upset at him. Running a hand through his hair, Charles exhaled loudly. His mother practically wanted him to raise his own older sister!

“Okay, okay! Just nothing crazy. And please, stop squealing!”

Clapping a hand over her mouth to quiet her giggles, Amelia pushed him towards the stand. He stared at his own reflection.

“Oh get on you big baby!”

Charles obediently stepped on, and Amelia locked the door. She flew back and forth from the rack of clothing, shoving clothes at him to try on.

Charles swallowed and did as his sister asked him to do, blushing as he rapidly stripped down and redressed in front of his sister, who only scolded him when he asked if she could leave the room.

“Oh Charles, I’ve seen you naked plenty of times! You’re in your underwear. You’ve forgotten I am older than you.”

Then act like it.

“Okay, no- don’t look!” Amelia admonished him when he tried to take a look at his reflection the mirror after trying on a variety of outfits.

It was already beginning to get dark out, and she had only fitted him with a new pair of pajamas and some casual clothing. She had yet to choose a formal outfit and a new bathing suit for the approaching summer.

“Amelia, please. No more. I don’t think I can take it.” He thought of his drawing, carefully tucked away in his biology notebook. He really wanted to finish it.

He smiled to himself, thinking for about the sixth time that day of his fiery beauty.

“Why are you smiling?”

“No reason.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay, whatever. So, you’ve gotten enough clothes for one day.”

Charles let out a breath of air. Thank goodness!

But we still need to do your hair.”

Amelia shoved a protesting Charles over to the sink, where she promptly shoved him in a chair and washed out the gel from his hair.

“Okay, stop wearing it slicked back. That’s just weird. You have such interesting hair-“

“It’s goose poop green! I don’t even know where I got this ugly hair color from!”

“Shut up. It’s… cool! And you should let it out, now that I’ve paired it with a green shirt. You know, green is a good color for you, matches your hair and eyes, yknow.”

“But I like blue,” he told her. He was getting sick and tired of playing dress up.

“Then why are your glasses black if you’re so picky?”

Charles sighed.

“I thought so.” And she reached out and snapped them in two.

“Amelia! What the heck!” he jumped up, wet hair splashing water across the nape of his neck, wetting his new shirt.

She broke his freaking glasses!

“Oh relax. Put these on.”

She threw him a little container of contacts.

Amelia toweled dry his hair as Charles attempted to put his lenses in.

“Okay, I think we’re done.”

Charles silently cheered, glad to be over with this, and walked to the mirror. He had to see what had taken so long.

Once there, he gasped. He looked so different!

He looked like any other boy at school- minus the sagging pants and revealed boxer shorts.

Maybe now I have a chance with her! Charles excitedly thought of his red-haired beauty.

He pointed at himself in the mirror.

“I love it sis!” he exclaimed. “Wow that’s crazy! I look like any other guy at school!”

Charles turned to hug her, but she wasn’t there: she was at the sink.


“Wait, Amelia!” His heart began to hump and he slipped whilst trying to get off the stand.


“Stop! No!”


A shriek was heard and he lunged forward to muffle her scream.

But when Amelia was in a rage, nothing could stop her. Picking up a stray clothes hanger, she repeatedly bashed the sink and mirror. The glass shattering let out an ear-splitting crack, which only caused Amelia to shriek louder.

Charles heard the salon’s employees rush to the door and knock. When they were met with screams, they banged on the door and jiggled the knob, demanding to be let in. But he didn’t have time to deal with them. Rushing toward his sister again, he cursed himself for even thinking it was a good idea to come here! He should have gone home like he was supposed to! Hadn’t this happened before!?

“Amelia, please stop! You’re only hurting yourself!” he tried to reason with her. She turned, a wild look in her eye, and repeatedly beat on his chest with her bloody fists. He grabbed them and held her in close, willing her tense body to relax.

The door’s lock clanged to the ground, and the store manager, screwdriver in hand, employees, and scared, yet curious clients peered inside. Breaking through the crowd, a uniformed officer came up to the siblings.

Her hand was on the gun at her hip, but she moved it when she realized that the two were young, children practically.

“Guys, you’ve got to come with me,” she gently told them.

Charles could only gently urge his whimpering sister out the door behind the officer, cursing himself every step of the way.


Abigail sat down at the table with her daughter. She had to talk to her. This couldn’t go on for any longer. Today, she was getting sued and taken to jail for her behavior, tomorrow, she could be in jail for murdering someone while in a rage… like her father.

Abigail shuddered.

NO! This is her daughter not some deranged lunatic.

“Amelia, can I talk to you, honey?” Abigail started softly.

Amelia closed her book and looked up, worried. She met her mother’s eyes, then lowered them to the wood.

“Can we talk a bit later? I’m kinda tired,” she mumbled to the tabletop.

“Honey, we really need to talk. Now.” Abigail tried to be as gentle as possible. She reached out across the tabletop to hold her daughter’s hand for support, but Amelia moved it out of reach, instead throwing her hands in defeat.

“I’m sorry Momma! “ she admitted. “I just- I don’t know. You won’t get it if I explain what happened to you and why I did it. I mean, I don’t get it myself. I know you, and daddy, think it’s weird when I check everything, but I have to! So many bad things happen that I have to check to see if something will each day! I don’t like it when bad things happen, Momma! It’s so bad! I really don’t know. I just don’t get it. I can’t even sleep sometimes because I feel something bad is gonna happen.”

Amelia’s voice faltered and she grew quiet, worry and sadness was portrayed across her face.

But it was Abigail’s turn to look down. This all sounded so familiar… hadn’t it been just last week when she had learned about mental disorders? Weren’t these all the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder?  Could it be that, her daughter had an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

No! It couldn’t be! Not her daughter! Other people’s children had mental disorders! Not hers! Not her only daughter!

But what if it was true? And- And what if Amelia had this because of her? If she had left Jared, would her daughter be different? Abigail grew disturbed at that thought. All this time she had thought keeping him around to be a good thing, despite the pain he brought, but was it actually hurting everyone the whole time?


“Listen,” she finally said. “Maybe you should keep a journal and write in it whenever you feel… funny. Or whenever you get the urge to do something like you did today- we can talk to a doctor at the hospital about it-“

Amelia’s featured darkened.

“I don’t want to go see a doctor!” Amelia interrupted her. “Nothing is wrong with me! Nothing happened at the salon either! I don’t want to talk about what happened today!” She pushed herself away from the table angrily. “I don’t know what happened!”

“Amelia, please.” Abigail pleaded. “I’m just trying to help you! You can’t deny everything. You need to take responsibility for what happened today, too. I already talked to the authorities and the store and paid for the damages, but you need to go in and apologize for your behavior. You know, they banned you and your brother for what happened.”

Amelia gulped and Abigail saw distress flash across her face. She knew Amelia loved her brother and would hate to do something that would hurt him.

“Okay, fine,” she conceded. “I’ll go.”

And that was how the two found themselves at the salon that night, waiting for the manager to come out and talk to them.

Abigail stood staring ahead. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that her daughter could so such a thing- and that there may actually be something wrong with her!

“Momma, can I ask you something?” Amelia asked tentatively, pulling her from her thoughts.

Abigail turned her head. “Yes, what is it?”

“Can I go to another school?”

Abigail looked at her, shocked. Where had that come from?

“Well, the school you’re going to now is the only public school in Sunset Valley… and I don’t think we can afford a private school at the moment.”

“Oh,”Amelia nodded, crestfallen.

“Why do you want to go?”

“The other kids already don’t like me,” she said quietly. “After this, they’ll make fun of me even more! They already trip me, and shove me, and write mean things all over my locker… I just can’t take it anymore.”

Abigail’s heart dropped. How could people be so cruel!? When had this started!? Where was Charles to protect his sister!?”

“When did this start!? You want me to talk to the principal? Does Charl-“

“No!” Amelia looked horrified. “Don’t talk to the principal! Please! Oh! I knew I shouldn’t have told you!”

“No, ‘Lia, I’m glad you told me. I won’t talk to the principal if you don’t want me to, but this isn’t acceptable.”

“Just let me deal with it, okay? Charles helps when he can, but I’m sixteen years old. I can take care of it,” she told her, looking doubtful.

“When did this start?”

“Oh… I don’t know. Around second grade… I can’t remember. It’s been happening for a long time. People would call me “the killer’s kid” but I never understood why… and neither did they, I guess, because they stopped after a while. But that sort of reputation follows you everywhere… and then they found other things to call me.”

Killer’s kid! Abigail furiously thought. How dare they!

But then all of a sudden, something happened within her. She didn’t understand what it was, or what to call it, but something in her heart changed. Then she remembered. She remembered what she had written in a small diary, sixteen years ago, about a file folder. A file folder, that she realized, had just torn.

The opening of a door diverted both mother and daughter’s attention, and a woman in a finely tailored suit stepped through the threshold.

“Hello, sorry I’m a bit late,” she told them.

Abigail plastered a smile on and rose from her chair. Amelia stood up quickly beside her.

“Not a problem.” She reached out to shake the woman’s hand, but the meeting was not what was on her mind.

There was some unfinished buisness left at home.

Abigail smiled to herself.

This had been the last straw.

There was no turning back now- she would finally go through with what she had been told , and what she had felt.


Back on 15 Summer Hill Court, a person was reflecting on their life as it seemed to all come crashing back.

And he realized what he had done, how he had spent his lifetime.

He just hoped, prayed, it wasn’t too late to repair the damage…

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No, this isn’t the update I promised today (that will be out on Saturday), but this is a post to remember an avid Sims 3 blogger and sweet friend, Tonks.

I stumbled upon Tonks’ page one day when surfing through the internet for funny Sims 3 legacies- and I never turned back from her blog.

Tonks had a creative mind and imagination. Even though she didn’t even want to be a writer, she had a talent for making you laugh with her stories.

She was such a great friend. I could always count on her to comment or like my posts and offer encouragement to keep writing when life seemed to overwhelm me with other things. She was helpful and caring, immediately jumping in to help me when I needed assistance, be it Sims related or not.

She was friendly to everything and everyone she talked to, and was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in if she felt something was wrong.

We will miss her.

Rest in Peace Tonks. ❤

Please take a moment to visit her blogs if you haven’t so already!

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Tonks loved MCR. I think she would have really liked this picture 🙂

Chapter 11: Some People Never Change…

(Sorry for the lack of pictures! My comp. went berserk on me!)

The springs of the bed dug into Abigail’s back as she clung to the violet bed sheets. Disgust and misery consumed her and she wept quietly. Her date with Morgana had been going splendidly. Abigail sniffled as she remembered how happy she had been that day. How confident and carefree. The years that Jared was gone had been so wonderful. All the confidence she had lost in herself, ever since her mother had died, had come back to her. At work she could say what was on her mind and giggle with her friends confidently, she could flirt with the male newbies (at this she giggled quietly. They were so funny!), heck, she had even let someone set her up on a blind date once! Abigail smiled a bit. She pushed off the covers and swung her feet to the ground. Walking to the window, she hummed a lullaby to herself and gazed outside into the starry sky.

 When Jared had been in her life, she had forgotten who she was. She had let herself be pushed around and degraded. With him gone, she had blossomed to become the woman she had always wanted to be: Someone who helped others with a smile on her face, someone who was intelligent and well-rounded, someone one who raised happy and healthy children, and someone who always looked at the glass half full. This was who she wanted to be. This was who she could be. But Abigail’s will was not strong enough.

Abigail recounted, for about the tenth time, the scenario that had played out that day. How she wished she had acted differently! She should have stood up for herself and her family!

After catching up, Abigail and Morgana decided to get a makeover that day. Both women wanted an outfit that was more motherly and fit for a woman their age. Especially since one was expecting and the other already a mother of two. Morgana paid first, and she stepped gingerly onto the styling station. The stylist, a middle-aged woman with blonde-dyed hair and a skimpy outfit, looked Morgana over, taking in the curves of her body and estimating what sizes of clothes to get. Abigail saw Morgana gulp.

“I’m interested in the type of outfit a young mother might wear,” she offered.

The stylist looked up and frowned.

“Dahling,” she drawled in a fake southern accent. “You’re a go’geous young women! The ra’son ya look 50, is ‘cause ya dress like a ol’ maid. I’m here ta help ya, honey! Listen to meh!”

It was all Abigail could do to contain her laughter, and she turned, pretending to admire the racks of nail polish colors so that the stylist wouldn’t catch her. Morgana, on the other hand, was shocked.

“Ma’am, I’m paying you to give me what I want,” she snapped.

Abigail was about to sneak a peek at the stylist’s reaction when her cell phone buzzed. Sighing, Abigail dropped her bag on the counter before walking outside to sit on a bench and answer her call. There really was no reception in there!

The caller ID indicated that the caller was Amelia, and Abigail slapped a hand over her mouth. She had completely forgotten to get her something! Today was her daughter’s birthday! Maybe I’ll purchase a few bottles of nail polish. Or a new shirt… hmm, she likes blue…

Mentally slapping herself, Abigail answered.

“Hey sweetheart, how are you?”

“Momma, he’s back. Oh Momma he’s outside now!” Amelia cried into the phone. Her little heart beat quickly.

She hadn’t seen him in so long… Was he any different now? Would he be nice? She covered her mouth as the doorknob turned. ”What if he kills us!?” she whispered frantically.

“Who’s back Amelia?” Abigail questioned her lazily, picking the lint off her pants. Ugh, Charles forgot to use the lint roller. Again. “Do you mean Charles? Did he stay after school again? I told him it wasn’t your job to call and tell me. He needs to learn respons-“   

The squeak of the door signaled its opening and frightened Amelia.

“No!” She gripped the phone tighter. “It’s… daddy!”  She eked the last word out as loud as she dared before quickly throwing the phone away from her.

Abigail was left with the dial tone ringing in her ears before she could get a word out. She felt light-headed and the sky seemed to sway.

She had forgotten. Completely forgotten. Eight years had passed so quickly, so blissfully. She hadn’t even remembered!

Abigail placed a hand against the bench to steady herself- her knees seemed to wobble!

As if in a daze, Abigail staggered into the parlour to grab her purse.

Morgana turned her head from the mirror.

“Abigail!” she waved. “Look at this skirt! It’s more a piece of cloth then a skirt! Tell her any self-respecting mother wouldn’t go around dressed like this!”

“No, it’s the height of fashion!” The stylist argued.

Abigail ignored them both.  Jared’s back. Jared Frio. My husband. The father of my children. The murderer.

She thought of Connor lying in a bloody heap, stabbed by his own brother. She thought of Tania, forced to go through so much at such a young age. Of Amelia, ostracized for her father’s actions, of Charles, forced to grow up without a male figure.

She thought of herself. A victim of physical and emotional abuse, hurt by the person she once loved unconditionally.

She swayed with the anger she felt for him. The door vibrated with her fury when she slammed it on her way out.

Abigail whistled shrilly for a cab. He was done hurting people.

The fifteen minute ride home was long and painful.  Abigail jiggled her foot at every red light and constantly wanted to swat the driver over the head. He was going so slow! She had to get home NOW! She flew out of the vehicle when they arrived, her heeled sandals making deep holes in the soft dirt with each stride.

She yanked open the door and tunneled in.

Amelia was sitting awkwardly at the table eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese, ignoring her father, whilst Jared stared at his son.

Jared jerked his head up as the door slammed against the wooden wall.

“Get out Jared,” Abigail rasped.

Jared’s look of surprise turned to one of amusement and he burst out laughing.

 “Man. Eight years. I would’ve thought you’d changed a bit. HA! You’re still old, pathetic you!”

Abigail’s fists clenched at her sides and she dropped her head in humiliation. Eight years hadn’t changed him either. Charles turned to look at his mother with shock clearly displayed on his face. She could read what he was thinking. His eyes said it all: “This is my father!?”

Abigail gritted her teeth. “Amelia, Charles, go outside. Now.”

Jared arched an eyebrow.

Charles waited for Amelia to push herself away from the table. He grabbed hold of her hand and cautiously pulled her out the door with him.

Jared waited for the door to close before smiling nastily.

In one stride he closed the distance between them and brought his face to Abigail’s height.

She could smell the stench of sweat and dirt on his clothes.

“Send the kiddies outside for a reason?”

Suddenly, he shoved her against the wall and held her there.

“I remember what you told the police. I was in prison for eight years, eight years! And you know something, someone’s gotta pay.”

Abigail shoved him off of her.

“Don’t touch me,” she croaked. But her spirit was already deteriorating… how could she stand up to him?

Jared gave her a look of amusement. “Seriously?” and he slapped her as hard as he could.

She fell onto the bed, at which Jared smiled lewdly before stripping down to his underwear.

Abigail screamed, and in burst Amelia.

She had seemed to grow right there, but maybe it was the way she held herself that seemed to make it so.

Amelia strode in and slapped Jared across the face. It was obvious he hadn’t been expecting it, and he staggered back.

“What the hell is your problem!” She yelled at him. “What is the matter with you? Do you get some sort of kick beating your own wife up like that!? She can divorce you in a snap! And where are you gonna go then, huh? Claire won’t take you in, Uncle Connor won’t either- you’ll be screwed because no one likes you!”

Jared looked at his daughter dumbfounded. Amelia only stared back.

Abigail looked on. It was like a showdown between the two. Charles had quietly crept inside and Abigail beckoned him to come to her. Charles slid onto the bed with his mother and she held him close to her. She was terrified to move. Her maternal instincts were screaming at her to go do something. That was her only daughter up there! But she was rooted to the spot.

Eventually, Jared tore away from his daughter.

“I need a drink,” he muttered. Throwing on a pair of pants and jacket, he quickly scurried out of the house.

Amelia looked at her mother and collapsed. Abigail rushed over to her daughter.

“Are you okay?” She wrapped an arm around her.

“I was so scared Momma. I don’t think I can do that again. What if he hit me?”

Abigail held her close to her chest. She felt her daughter’s rapid heartbeat slowly resume its steady beating and shame washed over her. Her daughter must have been so terrified, and there she was not helping her!

Abigail pulled Amelia up to her feet.

“I’m sorry I didn’t help you,” she murmured.

“It’s okay, Momma.” Amelia replied.

But that only made Abigail feel even worse.








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  2. I admit, this chap. was a bit cheap- but no worries! I have some ideas, but needed to bring Jared back into the picture first.
  3. I let my little sister play my sims game while I was on vacation… and she played on the Pisces file, used a bunch of money cheats, and built them a new house. -_- So… technically I failed the challenge… but I don’t want to quit, so I’ll just play w/out points and stuff. BUT if anyone knows any cheats to lessen the amount of money a family has, that’d be great, because I feel like a cheater with all that unearned money!
  4. This isn’t really important, but don’t Amelia and Abigail look so alike!! Maybe it’s just me, but I think Amelia’s cuter. Teehee 😉

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